Community Empowerment Uttharakand - 2013 (3,500 $)

Main resource person Ramnarayan K has worked consistently and actively with Himal Prakriti on issues related to energy, particularly hydro-power. He has brought in the much needed information and perspective on these issues. He has also partnered with Maati on issues related to natural resources and agriculture and has brought to the team a strong connect with digital technology.

Ramnarayan is a colleague of Malika Virdi, whom we have supported in the past. Malika is an avid mountain, people and nature person. She has worked for nearly 3 decades on various human rights and women rights related issues in many places across India (Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and Uttaranchal). More details:

Peoples Rights - Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch, 2013 (4,000 $)

People from many slums of Delhi have been forcibly evicted and relocated to undeveloped areas on the outskirts which lack even the most basic facilities such as running water and electricity. The people of Bhalaswa have formed this platform to represent their causes with the government. The group works raises awareness amongst the community regarding what their rights are, and gets people together to work towards fulfillment of those demands. Immediate goals ensure that the community is not displaced again, clear the confusion regarding eligibility of people for BPL ration cards, file RTIs to reinstate canceled ration cards and improve local schools.

Bhalaswa is one of the resettlement colonies for the people displaced from slums in Delhi. Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch (BLSM) is their community group that has emerged to fight displacement and to demand justice for those displaced. We spoke on the 18th of September 2012 with Pushpa, an organizer with this group, and with Nazima, Omvati, Sheetal, Roshan, Shakuntala and Bhittu. Here's what we heard.

Part 1: Pushpa gives an overview of the Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch. Pushpa, Nazima, Omvati and Sheetal describe how they view Commonwealth Games 2010 and the impact it had on their lives.

Part 2: Roshan describes the process of displacement she experienced and Nazima describes the conditions in Bhalaswa. Shakuntala and Bhittu describe their experiences protesting the Commonwealth Games and the displacement it has caused.

More videos:

Organic Farming Initiatives in Sunderbans, West Bengal, 2013 (3,000 $)

Training of farmers in organic farming methods and techniques -